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OMEGA’s creative use of materials and its creation of new alloys enhance our watches’ aesthetic appeal and improve their quality. Innovative uses of ceramics, silicon and precious metals are important parts of our story.
Innovative watchmaking is the cornerstone of OMEGA’s heritage but it is inspired by sports timekeeping, conquests of space, our advocacy on behalf of worthy organisations and, of course, our enviable role in support of the world’s favourite spy.



About TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, c’est la marque suisse à l’avant-garde horlogère suisse depuis 1860. Depuis, TAG Heuer repousse toujours plus loin les limites pour inventer des montres pour ceux qui aiment défier les conventions. Ce savoir-faire technique a été mis très tôt au service de la maîtrise du temps avec une extrême précision notamment dans la création de chronographes exceptionnels.
Sous l’impulsion de Jean-Claude Biver, CEO de TAG Heuer et Président de la Division Montres du Groupe LVMH, les nouveaux modèles – y compris la montre connectée - révèlent un nouveau dynamisme : des développements et des délais de livraison plus rapides, et un environnement transformé. TAG Heuer est actuellement la seule marque horlogère au monde capable de communiquer dans les quatre univers : Art, Lifestyle, Sport et Héritage.
Notre slogan #DontCrackUnderPressure est bien plus qu’une simple affirmation : c’est un état d’esprit.



Hermès crée des objets

Des objets que les mains des artisans fa­çonnent pour les rendre complices de ceux qui les portent. Issus d’un savoir-faire exigeant, ils ont la légèreté de l’inattendu et font du quotidien leur espace de jeu. Le temps, chez Hermès, est aussi un objet. Plutôt que de le mesurer, séquencer, contrôler, la maison ose un autre temps, destiné à susciter des émotions et créer des espaces de fantaisie.




Baume & Mercier always strives to make an imprint on its times. The founders, brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume, loyal to their motto « Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality », set out a very precise definition of the watches to be produced by this firm, established in 1830 and now one of the oldest in Switzerland.

Today, the firm continues to strive to offer its customers watches worthy of celebrating a watchmaking tradition that goes back over 180 years, by upholding the values of fine workmanship which always satisfies our customers' expectations.



Dive into the Longines universe...

...and discover the values and the philosophy of the winged hourglass brand, the many events in which it is involved, as well as the celebrities that represent the brand all over the world. The Swiss watchmaker supports many sports events throughout the world and has become a true symbol of passion and striving for excellence.




Each Frédérique Constant watch is hand-assembled, checked and controlled during several weeks before being commercialised to ensure optimal quality. Making no compromises in terms of quality is a strict priority for the watchmaking brand.

Frédérique Constant is continuously innovating and invests massively in the watch-making technology to offer the very best in its timepieces.



The movie brand.

For over six decades Hamilton’s distinctive watches have appeared in more than 400 Hollywood blockbusters. Their eye-catching shapes, materials and unique designs earn them roles in the most diverse movie genres, ranging from action pictures such as DIE HARD, OCEAN'S ELEVEN, THE RYAN INITIATIVE, to science fiction movies like INTERSTELLAR, MEN IN BLACK, INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY, SPIDER-MAN II, and from comedy classics like YOU'VE GOT MAIL, HAIRSPRAY, LEGALLY BLOND, NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS, BLUE HAWAII to dramas such as A BEAUTIFUL MIND or THE GOOD GERMAN.



Innovators by Tradition.

Tissot, founded mid-nineteenth century in a small town in Le Locle, one of the cradles of Swiss watchmaking, has a rich and fascinating history. It is the Swissness at the very heart of Tissot that makes the brand such a distinguished one. The plus sign in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, symbolising the quality and the reliability that watchmakers have proudly demonstrated since 1853. The watches are sold in more than 160 countries all over the world, but the brand remains in its home in Le Locle in the Swiss Jura Mountains, keeping its Swiss identity at its core. Tissot watches use special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design detail to create accessible timepieces that are both precise and stylish.



Pierre Balmain - The Brand

Pierre Balmain was one of the outstanding figures of Parisian haute couture. He dressed exceptional women who left their mark on their era, including queens, princesses, movie stars and well-known names in the theatre... Through his art he helped to spread the idea of luxury "à la française" right across the world.

When the brand was given the very delicate task of creating and developing the watches 'Montres Pierre Balmain' in 1987, it was clear that the design of our timepieces had to centre around the famous "arabesque motif" and the "sense of elegance" if the models were to be worthy of this prestigious name. 
And thus, year after year, collection after collection, the dials with the arabesque motif have always been at the heart of Montres Pierre Balmain's creations.



The Swiss watch winding technology selected and recommended by the leading Swiss Watch Brands.

SwissKubiK innovates thanks to the new watch winder for automatic mechanical timepieces designed and produced in Geneva. This new Swiss brand puts its know-how and experience at the disposal of quality watch making with the creation of this accessory which will very soon become essential to every connoisseur in mechanical watch.

A more than 25-year-long immersion in the world of Swiss watchmaking has moulded a man’s experience and passion. In the highest respect of the work of the best watchmakers of the country, Philippe Subilia, founder of SwissKubiK SA, launched in 2007 the flagship product SwissKubiK and the brand of the same name. This state of mind and philosophy are essential in order to understand the SwissKubiK and the adventure at the origin of its creation.